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Programme Detox chez Akasha Spa Amsterdam

Paris Fashion Week FW2014

Nous présentons notre nouvelle action de promo pour la saison d'automne:

Avec chaque cure detox jusqu'au fin de november 2015, vous recevrez une bouteille de 250 ml de notre Spicy Ginger Essence gratuit.

Utilisez la code promo Ginger2015 dans notre shop pour obtenir la bouteille de Spicy Ginger Essence gratis.


1 jour extra gratuit chez chaque cure détox en juillet. Utilisez la code promo Summer2015 dans notre webshop.

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The healthy must-haves for your suitcase

Eating healthy while traveling is an ongoing challenge for every health conscious woman. Needless to say, the travel schedule is pretty hectic – no matter if you are on a business trip or on a leisure weekend with your girlfriends. Without access to your local whole foods market, or juice bar you often find yourself subsisting on fattening restaurant meals and abandoning your usual health regime and the constant rush of activities makes it tempting to indulge in unhealthy snacks or beverages whenever hunger strikes. 
With our 5 tips what to pack in your travel luggage you will stay happy and healthy wherever you are.   

1.    Dry-food: I pack some bags of cashews, almonds or superfoods like Goji berries – they are very protein- and nutrient-dense and will not get smashed in my bag while traveling. That way I can skip the airline meals and stick with these healthy alternatives.   

2.    Chia seeds: I always pack a bag of chia seeds. They improve energy and digestion. By adding some almond milk (also works with soy yogurt) and a green apple I can easily prepare myself a healthy vegan breakfasts wherever I am. And if I put that in the fridge the evening before, I have a delicious chia pudding.   

3.    Zip-lock bags: My favorite accessory if it comes down to stay healthy on the road. In the morning I prepare some celery, carrot and cucumber sticks (or you can just use any veggies you find at the hotels breakfast buffet). With the zip-lock you can easily take them with you to snack during the day.   

4.    Raw sweets: I am a sweet tooth and I know I will not resist temptation. That´s why I take a bar of my favorite raw chocolate with me – that way I am not tempted to turn to the even unhealthier alternatives.  

5.    Portable Blender: A mini blender is perfect for traveling. I can make small portion sizes in the hotel room that I can take with me for the day.

Liberation day: 
On May 5th, the Netherlands celebrate liberation day. Because this is an official bank holiday in Holland, deliveries on May 5th and 6th are not possible in the Benelux countries. Pick-up and courier service in and around The Hague is possible.

Thuisday May 14 is Ascension Day, therefore deliveries on Thuisday and Friday is not possible in the Benelux countries. Pick-up and courier service in and around The Hague is possible.

Monday May 25 is Whit Monday, an official bank holiday in the Benelux region. Deliveries on Monday and Tuesday are therefore not possible. Pick-up and courier service in and around The Hague is possible. 

AKASHA SPA & GYM @ Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam 

Le programme detox contient: 
 - 3 jours juice cleanse 
 - holistic yoga 
 - massage lymph drainage 
 - full body wrap 
 - session de meditation 

Location: Conservatorium Hotel, Museumplein, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas 

Prix: 450 Euro Contactez nous pour plus d' informations. 

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Le 29 Octobre, Amsterdam & le 28 Novembre, Anvers
Introduction de Detox Delight à la presse

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