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Black is the new green: Detox with activated charcoal

Gwyneth Paltrow called it „the best juice cleanse“, Salma Hayek added it to the offering of her own juice company and red carpet celebrities swear by it: activated coal is the new beauty secret du jour.

No wonder, this black anti-aging remedy sucks up toxins, gasses and acids like a sponge and therefor prevents these bad substances being absorbed by our cells.  Although activated coal is now getting all the fame & glory, it has been used in the medical industry for many years in treatments against viruses and bacterial infections.


Activated coal consists of carbonized substances of plants, which have been activated by oxygen. This process generates millions of little pores between the carbon atoms and as a result the inner surface of the coal expands and acts as an adsorption agent. In other words: it becomes a natural magnet for toxins.

This way, all toxic substances can be easily removed from the body. Our cells are highly protected of toxins, our body is prevented of acidification and the anti-aging process is perfectly supported. Activated coal is odorless and tasteless. It’s the perfect addition to a detox regimen.


Our black box consists of:
3 x Black Detox Lemonade
3 x Gray Nut Milk

The Black Lemonade is your perfect companion during breakfast or your morning ritual. And the Grey Nut Milk can be consumed as liquid snack during the day or for the evening. The milk is flavoured with dates and vanilla.

The content of the black box is for 3 days (1 limo and nut milk per day)

Base price (without delivery cost) = 55 Euros